Wynnum Topcrete Services

If you have driveways or walkways around your home that are looking a little tired, it might be time to freshen them up.

One of the most cost-effective ways to achieve this is with Topcrete or Covercrete, which provides a new concrete surface sprayed over your existing concrete, providing a non-slip, decorative and very hard wearing surface that looks great.

Rather than the costly expense of digging up your existing concrete, topcrete is the best solution, with our team providing specialist services for Wynnum homes and properties.

We ensure your surfaces are professionally prepared, filling any cracks or fissures, and then we apply two coats of a colour to act as a base, ensuring the topcrete will last.

In fact, we offer a full 24 month warranty of our clear seal coats and topcrete, so you can be assured and confident in our services.

Contact the Wynnum Topcrete and covercrete specialists today for a quote on your driveway or walkways.