-To protect, enhance and make your surfaces look great and last

  • Clear seal to protect existing exposed aggregate or topcrete
  • Colour seal to completely change the look of your tired concrete
  • Penetrating seal for stone and concrete -an invisible and long lasting look


  • keep your surface in an ‘as new’ condition
  • change the colour and modernise your property
  • resist staining and degradation
  • to quickly and easily clean
  • reduce the risk of slips and falls


  • ugly mould growth
  • erosion of the surface
  • permanent staining


  • Moisture being trapped
  • Blistering/Delamination
  • Whitening of the surface
  • Applied too thick, or too thin
  • Sealant not lasting very long
  • A slip hazard
  • Cars skid marks

You can avoid these mistakes and have great looking surfaces for many years – using Hurricane.

Colour Seals will add a complete single colour to the entire surface. We clean, fill cracks and holes in the surface and roll-on a beautiful new colour seal to give you a complete new look. It’s useful for hiding old and tired concrete, or just providing the right colour to match in with your house. We have six grades of anti-slip to make your driveway or surface less slippery than before we started.


Clear Sealing: Solvents give a ‘wet look’ and slightly darken the surface. These are popular for most people to bring out the best in their exposed aggregate, decorative concrete or just plain concrete. Water-based clear sealers are a bit less obvious but are better for the environment. All sealers can be made less slippery with an added additive.

Penetrating Sealers – are best for stone, paving and surfaces other than concrete. They are invisible coatings as they penetrate the surface. Water can be seen ‘beading’ on the surface with the correct application of the right sealer for your surface.

Why can’t I paint instead of seal?

Sealing concrete requires a professional clean, prepare and prime to the surface first. We have proven systems, creating a strong bond to the concrete, ensuring it will last for many years in the sun and with traffic. Our colour seals are typically acrylic resins based in water or solvents. Paint doesn’t have the long lasting characteristics of resins and can blister, delaminate or fade a lot quicker than a sealant, in fact sealants shouldn’t blister or delaminate at all applied correctly, only fade over their intended life. Sealants combine a quality painted job with long-lasting life.