Pressure Cleaning

Hurricane Surface Maintenance specialise in ground surface maintenance – so we are particular about preparing, cleaning and leaving your surface in its best possible condition. We use commercial grade equipment, the correct chemicals & products and knowledge – earned over many years – to get the right results.

We have developed our own unique pressure cleaning methods to prepare surfaces professionally, as we are normally sealing the surface – so it needs to be as clean as possible.

There is a great difference between a jack of all trades ‘handyman’ to pressure clean for you and Hurricane. We use a variety of cleaning chemicals, equipment and techniques for lifting gum, stains, oils, and getting your concrete or stone into an ‘as new’ condition, or as close as your surface will allow.

Hurricane offer services to:

  • Driveways
  • Car parking
  • Walkways
  • Stairs
  • Patios
  • Pool areas
  • Garages / Carports
  • House washing (2 stories)
  • Strata Complexes & Building Cleaning (up to 2 stories)
  • Shade Sails, Rubbish Bins, Signage
  • Fencing & Retaining Walls

Our process to ensure quality workmanship

  • Prepare thoroughly
  • Use the best quality products, equipment and processes
  • Clean professionally with quality equipment
  • Take a little longer to complete work
  • Remove mould by the roots (so it can’t return)
  • Seal the surface (to prevent anything penetrating)
  • Look after our environment
  • We believe happy customers equal more chance of referrals
  • We have found our competition almost exclusively operate by price only
  • We care about our clients and about quality workmanship
  • Owner operated family business with reliable and friendly hand-picked contractors and employees

Competitive pricing, testimonials,

Give us a call today, you will be glad you did!

Reasons to choose us

We specialise in ground surface maintenance, so:

  • We know more than most about getting the sealing right on your property (and avoid common pitfalls)
  • Clean and prepare the surface with treatment or coatings in mind – so the result has to be professional
  • Use the right machinery, equipment, chemicals and knowledge – to get the right result
  • Offer a warranty for our work – return and repair if necessary
  • Work with the best quality products and suppliers we can find in the industry
  • Are constantly asking questions to learn and improve
  • Are serious about getting you the best result possible
  • Have been pressure cleaning, sealing and providing non-slip surfaces since 2010
  • Value fairness, honesty & ethical treatment of our clients

Your ground surfaces around your home are where you often enjoy the great outdoor lifestyle that South East Queensland offers. These areas cleaned can make a massive difference to your mood and emotions. Why not get them cleaned and protected for the long-term with a professional who loves improving areas for clients! We strive to ensure your outdoor areas will stay clean for as long as possible.

Driveways, paths and other ground surfaces are normally the main areas that people notice about your property first. They often have slope so they are really important to keep clean and non-slippery. Whether your surfaces are paving, tiled, concrete, exposed aggregate or another surface – we can clean for a great look and long-term result.

Not all outdoor cleaning services are the same!


What  cleaning equipment are they using?

If it’s just a straight pressure clean without chemicals -it might not get your surface clean for long or you might get streak lines (you can see where some areas are clean, and others aren’t – in lines)

What products are they using?

Heavy mould, grease, oil stains and built-in dirt require special products that pull pollutants out of the surface before cleaning. While not all stains can be removed all the time – the more experienced  the cleaner is with specialised cleaning products and their exact process to be applied and cleaned, the more likely above-average work will result.

How experienced is the operator?

You want someone with years of experience personally invested in the result (not someone who just wants a job). Someone who is constantly learning new improved products, equipment and processes. Not all services are the same!

How can they ensure a long lasting result?

Many operators use pressure, ‘clean’ then leave. We carefully assess the condition of your surface and provide you with expert opinion. You decide if you want a short-term or long-term result. We can remove heavy mould, grease, oil stains and built-in dirt and then seal the surface to prevent any stains and mould from reappearing – ensuring future cleans are very quick and simple – and not so frequent

DO’s and DON’T’S

  • Do – Use a professional with quality equipment, products and processes
  • Do – engage an owner-operator who cares about your service
  • Do – improve your property appearance and value at a fraction of the cost of a new paint job!
  • Do – reduce your families chance of asthma, allergies and health risks
  • Do – save yourself hours of back-breaking work and discomfort
  • Do -Seal your ground surfaces for long-term protection
  • Do – remove mould by the roots, not just a surface clean
  • Do – get an environmentally friendly clean
  • Don’t – lose money trying to sell something that is tired and dirty
  • Don’t – risk the chance of slipping over on mouldy paths or driveways!
  • Don’t – let mould, dirt and grime eat away your paint work!
  • Don’t – shop on price only. Pressure cleaning is like everything else in life, you don’t want any nasty surprises