North Brisbane Topcrete Services

If you own a commercial business with a lot of concrete flooring, you probably know that seeing it looking in good condition is hard work, and depending on what trade you are in, the spills and stains that accumulate over time will leave your flooring looking a little worst for wear.

Trying to remove staining from concrete can take serious work and be expensive, and there is no guarantee you won’t have the same issue a few months down the track. However there is a better solution that can work out to be very cost effective, and guarantees your flooring will look great.

Epoxy flooring and Topcrete flooring services provide a stunning coating over your old flooring that is hard-wearing and will protect your flooring from anything that life throws at it such as oil stains, food or liquid spills, and chemicals.

Not only does this mean your work place is much safer but it also will have a visual appearance that your customers will love.

Hurricane Maintenance have been servicing the North Brisbane region for a number of years, providing professional Epoxy and TopCrete services to homes and businesses, and they offer a 24 month warranty on their workmanship, so you know the job is done right!

When it comes to floor sealing, particularly Topcrete, you don’t want to attempt it yourself as any slip-up can be costly or permanent. Vaughan and the team at Hurricane Maintenance are specialists in floor sealing in the North Brisbane region and will do it right the first time, and leave your flooring looking amazing.

Contact Hurricane Maintenance for a quote on your TopCrete flooring services today.