Non-slip flooring North Lakes

For North Lakes owners, many are very proud of their homes, and it all starts with their driveways and paths.

A slippery driveway can be treacherous, particularly for elderly or children, however with our non-slip services provided by Hurricane Maintenance, your driveway will not only keep looking great but also reduce the chances of slipping, with our special non-slip flooring services.

We use Australia’s top non-slip safety treatment, GripGuard, for floors that are often slippery when wet, which is not only great for homes, but for North Lakes businesses that want to ensure their customers are safe on their feet.

In fact with our services, wet floors are actually said to be safer wet than dry when they have had the non-slip flooring treatment.

WorkCover statistics show that injuries incurred from slips and falls are the #2 accident problem in the workplace, potentially costing the business a lot of money and possibly in a worse case scenario their livelihood.

Don’t let your business be a statistic, and employ North Lakes professional non-slip flooring specialists…Hurricane Maintenance.