Turn your ordinary concrete, or old, tired surface into a decorative look simply and easily with Hurricane.

We specialise in simple, quality, well priced and great looking ground surface services that last, and are easy to maintain long-term.

Hurricane Grind & Seal Services:

  • Remove old decorative concrete coatings
  • Remove old sealer coatings
  • Expose stones in your concrete to turn into a decorative look
  • Remove trip hazards
  • Remove sharp exposed aggregate stones
  • Finish off by sealing to protect and enhance the look

Driveways, Walkways, Paths, Stairs, Patio’s, Pool areas, Garages or Carports and internal ground surfaces.

We use best practices in the industry with modern equipment, quality products and know-how to make your project flow smoothly. We have a small business, with either the owner-operator completing work or one trusted employee. We don’t have the large overheads, so don’t need to charge large fees.

Proper preparation of surfaces is vital to ensure a great finished result. Grinding is the only way to work with concrete to take it back to where it looks great. Our quality sealing will finish off the surface to protect, non-slip and enhance the look.

Because ground and sealed concrete is non-porous, it does not trap dirt, mould, bacteria and allergens like other surfaces do. It’s very easy to maintain and look great.

Decorative and polishing services are expensive, which involve numerous processes, whereas our grind and seal is simple.  Our services are often half the cost of decorative and polished concrete and clients love the look and feel of their ‘new’ surface. Ask for your free quote today!

Grinding stages

Grinding is a process using a diamond tipped machine, spinning around at speed, moving over concrete. Rough, large diamonds give a rough grind and finer, smaller diamonds give a smoother finish. The machine is connected to a vacuum system to reduce dust.

Initially rough grinding removes the top layer of concrete and exposes the stones or aggregate, but can often leave scratch marks in the surface and often not expose the stones evenly. Lighter grinding will remove the scratch marks and give a smoother, more consistent appearance. Sealing takes place once the desired look is achieved.

We are hard surface maintenance professionals, so give us a call first to find out how simple it is for us to make your surface look great!

Before Grind and Seal Service