Epoxy Flooring Sunshine Coast

Whether it is your workshop floor, the garage or carport area, or possibly you’re looking to give your outdoor area flooring a new lease of life, Epoxy flooring provides a professional, hard-wearing way to improve your surface.

Unlike concrete by itself, epoxy floor sealing services provide protective surface coating to enhance it, and protect it from stains such as oil and other contaminants that can usually penetrate the surface making that usually make it near impossible to remove.

For Sunshine Coast businesses and homes looking to breathe new life into their concrete, or possibly protect a newly laid section of concrete, Hurricane Maintenance have the experience to prepare your surface correctly, and then provide an Epoxy coating that will provide a long lasting coating that not only looks amazing but protects as well.


And with our colour options available, your Epoxy flooring will give a whole new look and feel to your flooring, that it will probably become the favourite room in the house!

So when you need your concrete flooring revitalised, talk the to the Sunshine Coast Epoxy flooring specialists at Hurricane Maintenance.