Epoxy Flooring Brisbane

When you need to tidy up that old concrete flooring at your home or office, or possibly want to protect that new slab you have laid in the garage, one of the best ways to ensure a finish that will last is investing in Epoxy flooring services.

For Brisbane residents and business owners, Hurricane Maintenance provide a professional service with the right experience to coat your concrete with a modern ‘flake’ effect that is incredibly hard wearing and looks great.

Many of our Epoxy floors will often last longer than 20 years, and are super low maintenance, protecting you floor against chemicals, oils and other liquids.

Hurricane Maintenance are so confident in their workmanship that they offer a 24 month warranty on their floor coating service, so you know you can rely on them to do the best possible service.

It is never recommended that you try and do floor sealing yourself unless you know what you are doing. Painting can blister and peel, and Epoxy flooring done incorrectly can leave permanent damage to your floors.

Contact your Brisbane Epoxy Flooring specialists at Hurricane Maintenance for all your floor sealing needs.