How to colour seal concrete like a professional

Colour Sealing is applied to concrete to protect it, reduce the chance of staining, hide cracks and give a completely new decorative look and can match into your house colour.

Generally you would colour seal driveways, paths, patios, pool areas and garages, when they are in poor condition – as it allows you to repair and cover any imperfections. Also when you want to lift the appearance of your property – like just before you sell.

Guide for colour sealing concrete like a pro:

Select the type of sealer you need

There are so many on the market, but like so many things – choose products where you feel you can trust the manufacturer, and also the contractor. This generally means a conversation and quote. We use a primer and water-based colour seals as they work, last a long time – 5 years plus before they might fade and need a recoat.

Pressure Clean

You still need to high pressure clean, but don’t 100% need to use chemicals unless the surface is really mouldy and stained. I use a chlorine wash at 10 or 15:1 to kill mould on the surface.


Oil stains can generally be removed with degreaser and high pressure on the spot.

Rust stains can generally be removed with acid and high pressure on the spot

Apply chemicals straight or slightly diluted (1:1 up to 5:1) Don’t let any chemicals dry on the surface! Apply then remove within 30secs to 2mins if possible

Water in concrete

Concrete is porous and will therefore let in water. Water when wet will remain in the concrete (even if the surface looks dry) for quite a few hours depending on if its shaded, the ‘softness’ of the concrete and a few other factors. Leave 6-24 hrs depending on conditions to seal.


We fill cracks with a flexible polyurethane which we know works and we can cover it accurately with coatings. Fissures and other holes or gaps can be filled with more concrete-based filling products. Expansion joints need to be left open to allow concrete movement.


We roll out sealers – with a pole, roller, nap and paint brush. We find we can get an even finish and it provides the right amount of sealer. (Spraying sealer can often provide only a fraction of what rolling does so the client doesn’t get value for money).

Sealers don’t like being constantly rolled, so you will need to dip into your drum roll one way, then finish by rolling the other, leaving the finish even and consistent.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact me, and I would be more than happy to assist you.

Hurricane Maintenance Services can provide all your colour sealing needs in the greater Brisbane area, Qld.

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