Topcrete or Covercrete is a new concrete surface, sprayed on over your existing concrete. It is decorative, non-slip, and hard wearing.

We provide the modern and popular base colour with random ‘fleck’. Our ethos is to keep things simple, so we don’t provide a stencil or pattern = which can date quickly.

If you have plain concrete or exposed aggregate, and are wanting a dramatic and long-term improvement, without digging up and starting again, topcrete will be your answer.

Your surfaces are professionally prepared to receive the topcrete, filling cracks and fissures. Rough surfaces may require troweling to even out the surface. We apply two coats of a colour to act as a base, with a random ‘fleck’ (or two) over the surface. Followed by two coats of our clear sealer, for long term protection.

We offer a full 24 month warranty on our topcrete and clear seal coats, so you can be assured we are confident of our system to provide your solution. We are preferred contractors to CIA Concrete where we source our products.